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Eidos Skopeo

eidos skopeo

Photos by Ann Chih; Music by Adrian Lo

Eidos Skopeo captures so succinctly that sense of the urban everyday-life peculiar to Hong Kong.

Spatially the works are set in those playgrounds of our ‘undying consumer culture’, but the distortive effects in these photographs unleashes the potential for different perceptions and imaginations of our familiar surroundings, thereby instilling an energy and dynamism that you wouldn’t expect of still images. This is what I love about urban photography.

I’d like to think that what’s great about cities is that they can be anything you imagine them to be.

Perhaps the artist presents you with the questions, but of course she is not alone in this exercise.

It’s because we’ve all been to the same places and yet we engage with our spaces differently, the city is never merely that which we see with the naked eye, but more importantly it must also be that which we allow ourselves to imagine.

The first publishing of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities picked Rene Magritte as the cover artist, and I think if they are looking for a book cover in 2015, then Ann Chih's Eidos Skopeo would be perfect.

My composition also titled Eidos Skopeo is in four parts:

i) Arrhythmia; ii) Polyrhythmia; iii) Eurhythmia; iv) Isorhythmia.

This is as much of a musical rhythmanalysis of Hong Kong’s everyday-life, as it is about me just messing around on my drum machine and cutting up samples of familiar noises I’ve recorded around Hong Kong. Each piece represents a different mood, different time of day, and different surroundings. 


Adrian Lo

November 2015


Eidos Skopeo I-IV