Music & Film


Cheongsam: Lost & Found (2017)

directed by Adrian Lo

cinematography by Man Ho; edited by Adrian Lo; music and sound by Adrian Lo

produced by Hong Kong Arts Centre

documentary; released in August 2017 ; 29 minutes 58 seconds

Qipao, literally Manchu robe, is generally referred to as cheongsam in Hong Kong, meaning long dress.

Cheongsam was once the everyday fashion for Hong Kong women, whether they were celebrities, housewives or working women.

As large numbers of tailors from Shanghai resettled in Hong Kong in the late 1940s, the cheongsam also grew in popularity throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

To this day, cheongsam is still a popular choice of formal attire and a source of inspiration for fashion designers, comics artists, cultural researchers and filmmakers alike.

Watch the full film here: (password-protected for now, but contact me if you'd like to watch it)

Adrian Lo