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Living Heritage: Paper Crafting (2019)

Written & produced by Adrian Lo

Directed by Man Ho

9 minutes 8 seconds; unreleased

Paper craft products are shaped with solid bamboo, strips of bamboo and rice paper, in addition to silk fabric. After the three-dimensional skeleton is formed, its body gets painted and assembled. The four major steps in paper crafting include binding, paper-mounting, painting and adorning. The skeleton of the model is being first created. After rice paper strips are applied onto the skeleton, patterns and protective paint are being applied before felt decorations are added as a final touch.

The Jockey Club ICH+ Innovative Heritage Education Programme is jointly launched by Lingnan University and Hong Kong Art School. It begins with courses of Paper Crafting technique, Cheongsam sewing technique, as well as PaperCutting technique with aims to revitalize Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong and cultivate in-depth knowledge of youth through experiential learning.

Its first year's annual showcase will run at Sam Tung Uk Museum, from 27 June to 7 July 2019, displaying artwork pieces created by over 100 local junior secondary school students.

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