Musician | Composer | Filmmaker


Prayer for Peace

Produced, directed & edited by Adrian Lo

Cinematography by Man Ho; music by Adrian Lo;

Short documentary; 14 minutes 57 seconds

completed April 2017; unreleased

Set in the rocky coastal village Shek O at the edge of densely populated Hong Kong island, this film is centred on its 19th decennial festival of "Prayer for Peace" (Cantonese: Tai Ping Ching Chiu) - a traditional Taoist ritual of peace and thanksgiving held over five days.

Not only is this film a vibrant and energetic celebration of the rich cultural heritage in Hong Kong, it is also a window into hearing the voices of these villagers who have a thing or two to teach the urban dwellers about how common identity and community spirit are fostered.

Heritage, in their own words, is not about preserving from the by-gone, it is about sharing a living legacy.

Adrian Lo