Music & Film


Absentee (2016)


— Debut EP —


Who am I and what am I doing here?

I’m nobody and I’m not really here.

You don’t know me and probably never will.

If you could just pay attention for one second, then you’ll notice:

You and I,

We are everywhere.


Absentee is about Hong Kong.

It’s about the distances we build, the faces we wear, and the fears we share.

It’s about the streets, the walls, the threats, the lies, the cronies, the sick, the mirrors, the ghosts, the smog, the waves, the resignation and the faith.


Absentee will be released digitally in August on iTunes, Spotify, and other major platforms.


Physical release of EP will follow in September, in conjunction with a zine of original words and artwork. Stay tuned.



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01    Nobody Knows My Name    3:59

02    Dragon’s Den            3:59

03    Selfie                4:31

04    Waves                6:22


All songs and lyrics are written, performed, recorded and produced by Adrian Lo

Original artwork on cover by Ann Chih with original photograph by Nele Sauer

Digitally distributed by Love Da Records

Made in Hong Kong

Adrian Lo