Music & Film


Adrian Lo is a musician, composer & filmmaker from Hong Kong.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Oxford, I am a classically trained violinist who read Political Theory at university, and now works mainly as a sound designer, as well as a composer and documentary filmmaker.

My first ever film was a documentary short I made with a friend about Cantonese cuisine amidst urban gentrification called A Portrait of Sun Wah Kee (2015) which won an award at the World Expo in Milan. This encouraged us to continue making documentaries together with A Way of Life (2015), a film about ceramics in Japan, and A Portrait of Linva (2016), about the iconic Chinese dress cheongsam.

In 2016, I released my debut solo record titled Absentee, and performed this at Clockenflap festival, Macpherson Stadium in Hong Kong, and Feierwerk in Munich, Germany. Meanwhile, I was developing further into writing, producing and directing documentaries, focusing primarily on cultural heritage in Hong Kong, with Prayer for Peace (2017) about Shek O’s traditional Taoist festival Tai Ping Ching Chiu, and Cheongsam: Lost & Found (2017), a program commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Centre.

In 2018, I was awarded a grant by Asian Film Awards Academy, and through its partnership with Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg and the Nipkow Program, I received a stipend to work at the post-production facility Rotor Film in Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany.

Since then, I've been working in post-production audio primarily as a sound designer based in Berlin, while of course, continuing with making music and documentaries whenever the opportunities arise, such as my latest documentary production on Hong Kong’s vanishing arts Living Heritage (2019).


Photographer: Ann Chih