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14.07.2016 Portraits of Hong Kong Press Release

Portraits of Hong Kong is a short documentary series telling the stories of Hong Kong's neighbourhood businesses.

The aim is to bring attention to those remarkable characters in our community that are so unassuming yet contribute so much to this great city's culture and identity - especially in the midst of urban gentrification.

Our ultimate goal is to foster a community of like-minded people committed to making our voices heard for our active and diverse communities to be at the heart of pursuing a sustainable urban future in Hong Kong.

The first short film ‘A Portrait of Sun Wah Kee was made as an entry to Milan Expo 2015’s international short film competition ‘Switch On Your Creativity’ and won the competition. Set in North Point:

This film explores ideas surrounding aspects of food and sustainable development in the context of urban Hong Kong and our beloved Cantonese cuisine. Whether we can feed ourselves sustainably depends not only on the future of sustainable farming, but it is also every bit about the sustainability of our urban space, our talent, and our culture.

The second instalment ‘A Portrait of Linva’ is set in Central:

Opened in 1965, Linva has been in central Hong Kong for over half a century offering bespoke tailoring. The cheongsam's popularity has since waxed and waned, but Mr. and Mrs. Leung have persisted with their traditional handcraft in spite of cultural changes and urban gentrification. This short film is a continuation of our first offering A Portrait of Sun Wah Kee, in which essentially we consider the question: what of our urban fabric?




Portraits of Hong Kong is a project by filmmakers Tian Macleod Ji and Adrian Lo.

Adrian Lo

is a musician, composer and filmmaker from Hong Kong;

Tian Macleod Ji

is a documentary filmmaker from Britain living in Hong Kong

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